Maui’s Best Beaches: Black Rock at Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach; Black Rock
Snorkeling at Black Rock on Kaanapali Beach; North Shore Beaches of Maui

1 of Maui’s most popular Beaches! Kaanapali is famous for luxury Hotels, high end Shops and Restaurants and ‘Black Rock’.  Back in the day of Hawaiian Royalty, Kaanapali was a beach reserved for the Ali’i (Kings, Royal family). Ka’anapali Beach stetches from the Hyatt Regency to Sheraton on “Black Rock”.

The best snorkeling is found between the 2 ‘claws’ (looks kinda like a crab, ya?). While pople will snorkel all day and even with waves, we really only recommend snorkeling in the CALM morning hours, occasionally it will be calm all day, however Ka’anapali Beach is known as a “shore break” and the waves can be quite high, especially in the summer months. Scuba Divers consider Black Rock a Divers Paradise!

Black Rock and Kaanapali Beach
Black Rock and Kaanapali Beach —Click on Photo to enlarge

Black Rock at Kaanapali Beach is also 1 of Maui’s favorite places to jump off the Rocks, into the ocean. Another reason not to snorkel to close to the edge, on your way around the (small) cliff.

There is a oceanfront “boardwalk” that runs from the Hyatt to the Sheraton. There is a limited amount of free beach parking at the Hyatt (in back) and a couple of spots “here and there” by the Whalers Village and Hotels. (good luck getting them though) otherwise parking at the Whalers Village is (at the time of this post) $3.00 every half hour. ($6./hr). They will accept 2-$15.00 Validations from the Whalers Village shops and Restaurants. There is also free parking at “Canoe Beach” /Hanaka’o’o Beach Park, then you can walk across the beach to the Hyatt and the edge of the “boardwalk”. Depending on how fast you walk, it’s approx. 10-20 minute walk to Black Rock from Canoe Beach.

Of all the pool restaurants to choose from for lunch, i personally like the one at the Marriott. (next to the Hyatt). The pool bar is elevated so you can see the ocean, and they have French Fries with the sandwiches. (vs a bag of chips). No kids? They Hyatt has a ‘underground’ bar adjacent to the pool under the waterfall, that serves food and cocktails. The Sheraton has best view of Black Rock, they are also 1 of the more high end, thanks to that gorgeous view and adjacent to the beach. You can also bring a picnic and simply hang out on the beach all day. (The Sheraton and the Hyatt also have evening Luaus starting at $95.00)

Black Rock at the Sheraton Ka’anapali / 2605 Ka’anapali Parkway, Lahaina, Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761
Kaanapali Beach
Ka’anapali Beach     Click on Photo to enlarge picture


Black Rock and Kaanapali Beach
Black Rock and Ka’anapali Beach             Click on Photo to enlarge picture

Free and Paid Parking available 
Beautiful Beach
Lots of Restaurants and Deli's in the area
Public Showers and Bathrooms at Whalers Village Shopping Center;
Cement Boardwalk from Sheraton to Hyatt
Shade Cabanas for Rent in front of the Hotels