What to ask when Renting Snorkel Equipment

Traveling to Maui? No need to pack your snorkel equipment, it takes up to much room. Maui Snorkel Store is here to help, we rent the best equipment made. Your question should be, how is it cleaned, does it fit properly and where do I go? We are also one of the very few Snorkel Stores on Maui that will rent Equipment by the day and not just weekly

Maui Snorkel Store rents silicon masks,ultra-dry purge snorkels, and fins. We put it in a mesh bag and share a bottle of defog. After making sure it fits properly on you, we then share areas to enjoy snorkeling around Maui.

When we receive the equipment back, it sits for two days in buckets. Then we put it in a triple sink bin of sanitizer cleaners. Day 3 ,its put in clear water for a day. Day 4 it is dried and put back out . Your safety is our number one commitment . We know we are renting not only top-quality equipment we know it’s been cleaned to CDC guidelines.

You can also buy equipment from Maui Snorkel Store.