Maui’s best snorkel Beaches: Kapalua Bay

* Scroll down for Map and panoramic Photo of Honolua Bay…….

Kpalua Bay Photo from FB
Kapalua Beach

Kapalua Bay is a beautiful beach that is a bit hard to find. Kapalua bay is a narrow beach with lots of coral and tropical fish, even Turtles. The snorkeling is aprox. 25 ft off shore and is a very large area. Kapalua bay is protected and can offer good snorkeling most of the Year. Merrimans Restaurant does not open until 3PM (for a great Happy Hour before dinner, w/ $5. Well drinks !) so bring a Picnic lunch if you want to hang out on the beach for a while.

Kapalua is home to the rich and famous (as is Wailea-Makena on the South side of Maui). Assuming you are coming from ‘below’ Napili…. i tell people to drive up hwy 30 to Office Rd. which takes you to the Ritz Carlton, then drive back along the coastal road. You will see many bays and coves including Kapalua Bay and Napili Bay; 2 of the best snorkel beaches on this part of the Island.

Peter Liu Photo of Kapalua Cliff house -FB-
Click on photo to enlarge, the water is almost turquoise…

This whole area is gorgeous! There are some trails along the cliffs and Ocean, and lots of great snorkeling along this whole area. Sandy beaches simply make it easier to enter the water. *I have snorkeled here from the Teralani, on their 2 snorkel spot Snorkel Tour. Clcik here for more information; it was fabulous!

Directions: Merrimans Restaurant is located on the south end of Kapalua Beach. The beach entrance is just before (or after depending on your direction) the entrance to Merrimans.

*I put the ‘red marker’ next to the driveway entrance to the small parking lot. Go early for best parking. 


Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay panoramic - Copy


NO RESTAURANT (that is open before 3PM)