Boogie Board Rentals

Rent Boogie Boards for the whole family at The Maui Snorkel Store

Boogie Board Rentals at The Maui Snorkel Store

Prices: $10.00 for 24 Hours | $35. a Week | $50. for 10 Days | $60 for 2 Weeks

Morry Boogie Boards

Colors: Purple, Neon Green, Red, and Black.
The Creator, The Original Body board
On July 7, 1971, the body board was born. They say Tom Morey borrowed an electric carving knife and a household iron, whittled some scrap polyethylene foam into a small rectangular mat and covered it with newspaper. He trademarked the name and placed and placed an ad in Surf Magazine and by 1977 he was producing 80,000 per year! Wow!

Today Morry is still one of the top brands in Boogie Boards.

Rent Boogie Boards from The Maui Snorkel Store at Sugar Beach Resort

Atunas Boogie Boards


Very durable, no bending or breaking. Light weight, yet sturdy.

Perfect for Adults, teens and older children.



PRICES: $10.00 for 24 Hour Rental | $35.00 for a Week Rental | $50.00 for 10 Days Rental | $60.00 for 2 Weeks

Boogie Board rentals in Kihei

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