$7.00 DAY|  $20.00 WEEK | $25.00 10 DAYS | $35.00 2 WEEKS


Boogie Board Rental Prices

We carry Attunas and Morey Boogie Boards, as well as a variety of ‘silk wrapped styrophome Boogie Boards. The “real’ Boogie Boards are $7.00 Day or $20.00 Week. The bigger you are the more sturdy the Boogie Board you will need. The Attunas Boogie Boards are very strong and sturdy, with hardly any ‘give’. Most Attunas Boobie Boards are black in color, not the purple one shown below.

The silk wrapped styrofoam Boogie Boards are $5.00 Day or $15.00 Week; The silk wrapped boogie boards are good for smaller children as they are smaller and more light weight.

Snorkel Gear Rental Prices

Free bottle of Defog with Snorkel Gear Rentals

$7.00 Day or $20.00 Week.

All of our Snorkels have “dry tops” and “purges”.

All Masks are made of Silicone, be it clear of black. We carry both Deep Sea and Sea Sports. We also carry Optical Masks for Near Sighted people. Not sure if someone is near sighted or far sighted?  Known by the medical term ‘myopia’: nearsightedness means that someone can clearly see objects close to them, but objects farther away appear blurry. The Maui Snorkel Store does not charge any extra for Optical snorkel masks,

Fins are basic rubber fins, and we carry Sea Sports and Aqua Lung, with a few US Divers for the size 15-17 mens.

The Maui Snorkel Store carries snorkel gear for children and adults. Our Child sizes start at 9-11/ 11-1/ 1-3/3-5

Adults: 5-7 / 7-8/ 8-9/ 9-10/ 11-12/ 13-15 / 15-17

 Yes we have large sizes! 12-13/ 13-15 & even 15-17.

Beach Chair Rentals

Featuring Tommy Bahama Chairs

$5.00 Day or $15.00 Week

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs have coolers in the back with an upper ‘pocket’ to store your things, cup holders, a small head pillow and a carry handle! Low to the ground, yet not so low that those of us getting older can still get out of it easily! The newer models even lay down flat…

For the younger summer & Spring Break crowd, we also carry the real short, light weight, almost touching the sand type of Beach Chairs.

Wet Suit Rentals

Shortys & Wet Suit Tops

$5.00 Day or $15.00 Week

From small ‘6 pack’ coolers to larger coolers for the Beach or to take with you for a Picnic along the ‘Road to Hana’
$1.00 a Day *Includes Free Hana Tour CD rental

maui snorkel gear rentals and lessons

Maui Snorkel Store has the best prices for Ocean equipment rentals

There are a lot of 2 for 1 Specials and 50% off Specials on Maui for Snorkel Gear Rentals, however if you read the fine print, you will see that most companies have several different packages to offer and once you see their bottom line, you will realize that at the Maui Snorkel Store we simply have the best prices for the best snorkel gear!

New to Snorkeling? At the time of rental, we personally fit your mask to your face and give you a personal “snorkel 101” class, with tips and tricks to help make your Snorkeling on Maui experience the best it can be.

The Maui Snorkel Store rents several varieties of ocean equipment rentals. Maui Snorkel Store rental gear is top of the line and of excellent quality + we have very competitive prices! The Maui Snorkel Store located here at the Sugar Beach Resort on the edge of Kihei, also rents Boogie Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP), Shorty West Suits, Wet Suit Tops, Life Belts, Life Vests, Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs, Coolers for the beach or for the Road to Hana (includes a Free Hana CD rental) and more…..