Mokulei'a Bay
Mokulei’a Bay and Beach

Mokulei’a Bay

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Is a very pretty beach that is off the beaten path. There are fabulous views of Moloka’i Island on a clear day. Lots of people mistake Mokulei’a Bay for Honolua Bay (which is more popular for snorkelers).

Mokulei’a Bay and Honolua Bay are out past “civilization”, above Kapalua and the Ritz Carlton. Both bays are gorgeous! You will be driving along when you see cars parked on the side of the Road, there is a sign saying Honolu’a Bay-Mokulei’a Bay.

Sign and Stairs at Mokulei'a Bay
Sign and Stairs at Mokulei’a Bay

There is a somewhat new staircase that goes down to the beach, before the staircase was put in, it was a challenge for us to hike down to the beach.

Mokulei’a Bay, also known as “Slaughter House” to surfers, is a good place to snorkel on a calm day, if you head out to the point on either side of the Bay. *There used to be a slaughter House near here, Honolua Bay next bay over used to be a “boat ramp” for herding cattle onto Barges. The snorkeling isn’t as good as Honolu’a Bay; however this is a very pretty beach, which is off the beaten path. The Surf will be a lot calmer in the summer months!! Check for the surf report.

There are live corals on each side of the bay and lots of colorful fish. You may even see a few Honu (Sea Turtles) Makulei’a Bay is a marine reserve so you are not allowed to take anything but photos.

Location: North of Napili on Hwy. 30, at mile marker 32, you will see a chain link fence at the top of the cliff. Latitude: 21.010764 / Longitude: -156.643238

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Makulei’a Bay

Molulei'a Baym Maui Hawaii
Molulei’a Bay                                                                          Snorkel is good along the edges, mostly on this side here….. ^

  Free Parking
No facilities (Bathrooms or Showers)
No Restaurants or Shops in the area 
BE CAREFUL of parking along the Road; park outside the white line (or you could get a ticket) and do NOT leave Valuables in your car, you may just want to leave it unlocked.