Snorkel Gear Rentals at The Maui Snorkel Store

Prices: $10.00 for 24 Hours | $35. a Week | $50. for 10 Days | $60 for 2 Weeks

Maui Snorkel Store only carries top quality Snorkel Masks and Snorkels.

Featuring Dive Masks from Deep Sea: We will fit the Dive Mask to your face. We have been helping customers fit their Snorkel Masks for over 25 years.

Here at the Maui Snorkel Store, we carry both ‘wide and narrow’ Dive Masks, to Panoramic Dive Masks (also excellent for those with a larger nose…), are you looking for the new Free Dive Masks? All of our Dive Mask rentals include:

  • Silicone mask ‘skirt’ for the ultimate in comfort
  • Tempered Glass lens for safety
  • Pinch & Pull adjustable buckles


The “Dry-Top” Snorkel continues to be the snorkel of choice for divers all around the world. Its popularity is due to the highly efficient upper valve system, which guides excess water away from the main airway preventing water from reaching the mouthpiece.

impulse2 Streamlined, ergonomic design Patented two-drain system deflects water away from the main airway Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue The Comfo-bite mouthpiece is also replaceable. * you may purchase a clean, never been used, mouthpiece for $4.50 here at the Maui Snorkel Store-just ask. 

 Dive & Snorkel Mask Rentals

  • A very popular mask with all divers due to the soft silicone skirt which fits a wide variety of faces.
  • Low-profile mask that fits comfortably on the face
  • Choose from several styles and colors
  • Hypo-allergenic, silicone skirt for greater comfort.
  • Easy-to-adjust ratchet buckle system
  • Single-tempered glass lens for shatterproof

Wrap around Masks w/ 180 Degree Viewing

4 Window Mask for Enhanced Peripheral Vision and Less Drag Resistance in the Water. The Side Windows provide 180° Panoramic View. The Elite Pro Mask has a 100% Hypo-Allergenic Silicone Skirt with a Double Feathered Edge and a Wide Split Strap Design.

The Skirt and Strap combined for a perfect seal around/on the face. The Mask lenses are made from Tempered Glass for a Clear-View and added Safety. This mask is also best for those with a ‘larger profile’…

Snorkel Fins

Manufactured using ‘Natural Rubber’, todays Snorkel Fins have a Long Non-Vented Blade with a Soft Orthopedic Foot Pockets. The Corda and Deep Sea ‘Full Foot’ Fins are designed to be comfortable for extended Snorkeling and Diving.

Each Snorkel Set Rental includes a Mesh Drawstring Carry Bag which can be used as a tote bag for your Snorkeling Gear. * We wash and sanitize all dive masks and snorkels after each rental. Deep sea fin rentals in Maui

The Maui Snorkel Store at the Sugar Beach Resort is one of the best places to rent dive gear on Maui. When friends and family ask you where to rent snorkeling or dive gear on Maui, say the Maui Snorkel Store on the edge of Kihei! 808-879-6260.

PRICES: $10.00 for 24 Hour Rental | $35.00 for a Week Rental | $50.00 for 10 Days Rental | $60.00 for 2 Weeks

Call 808-879-6260