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Maui Wild Fires

Pu u olai Cinder cone and beach is a beautiful snorkeling location

Aloha , the wildfires on Maui have been more than heart-wrenching. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families. We here at The Maui Snorkel Store have tried to help the families that lost everything. We have been buying gift certificates to hand out so they may buy what their needs are.  We […]

Whale Season And Snorkeling on Maui

The whale season in Maui is from Dec 15 to May 15th. It’s a magical time on Maui to see the humpback whales or hear them when your snorkeling. That’s right if your snorkeling anywhere around Maui during whale season and you dive down you can actually hear the whales singing.  There are so many whale watches […]

Hawaiian Sea Turtles

Snorkel with Hawaiian Sea Turtles in Maui

Sea turtles are the true ancients of the world. The Honu (Sea turtle) comes from a time when the earth was young; Turtles are believed to have been swimming the oceans for 150-200 million years! They lived through the age of the dinosaurs, & even survived the earth’s age of ice. Ancient Hawaiians were animists […]

Hawaiian Sea Turtle Nesting Season 2017

noaa Hawaiian Sea Turtles Nesting

According to NOAA, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands sea turtle researcher team (Marylou, Alex, and Jan) arrived on French Frigate Shoals on May 30th to assess the number of nesting female green turtles because 96% of Hawaiian green turtle nesting occurs at French Frigate Shoals on East, Tern, Trig, and Gin Islands. Since then, they have identified […]

Ultimate Rafting & Maui Ocean Center help give the Ocean EARs

Ocean Ears

Giving the Ocean EARs! EARs- aka Ecological Acoustic Recorders are new technology being used by researchers to monitor coral reef soundscapes among other purposes! According to NOAA, “The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center and the Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB), University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, developed the EAR program for these purposes: Establish patterns of […]